Before sending your songs read the answers to the most common questions we receive…

We have no strong preferences on a particular musical genre, good music has no gender.

Yes, it is not necessary to have a ready cd to understand if it’s a good project with great ideas.

No, we only look for artists with unpublished songs.

No, for that you should turn to arrangers and recording studios.

No, we prefer to listen to your demos first, the audition will be the next step.

No, fill out the form below, it’s the best way to be heard.

No, and we don’t want to create confusion, we aren’t a recording studio and we don’t do co-production services.

Mhodì Records does not deal with this, if you need advice and services such as:

Press Office


Legal Advice

and more

you can write to:

Nothing, if you want, check this site in a few days and look if your name appears in the “listened” section, if interested we will not hesitate to contact you.

Forgive us, we also have great limits. ;)

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We Listened

May 2020


Luca Candela

Roberto Di Tanna



Daneiele Prada



Valerio Massaro

Real Thung


Roberto D’Antoni

Gabriele Litrico


Benedetto Baratta

Gerardo Felisatti

Fabrizio Francomare>

Verde di Parigi



Le Camere Blindate

Miles Lyrics

One Life

Veronica Ioppolo

Gabriele Litrico

Playlist Collaborativa, Coming soon…