“The only way to do a good job is love what you do”.

Our inspiration comes from the love we have for music and the will of not stopping in front of business rules but to go further, producing only music of quality, born from the passion of those who composed it.

Mhodì is a company founded in 2008 that operates in the publishing, music and entertainment sector.

an Italian Record Label and Intermedia Production House

The union of more professional figures around the world that, like the gears of a watch, give life to a mechanism with perfect energy.

With the same mechanism Mhodì becomes the heart of a machine whose pulsation generates a domino effect that gives life to a series of international collaborations.

“if art is shared, knowledge is multiplied”.

Mhodì Records was born as an imaginative idea of  Giuseppe Strazzeri;  a businessman who, already a musician and author, enters the world of the very young music industry,
even before being a rmusic manager, he collaborated on various communication strategies and on the promotion of many well-known artists of the Italian music scene.

The desire to focus on high music quality over quantity, the ambition, the game of discovering new talents and that bit of unconsciousness, led him to the ambition of creating something new:

“What kind of name should we give to a record label? … I am an Italian born in France, with a restless character; It seems the description of Amedeo Modigliani … Modì … the record label will be called MHODI’!!! “

The year was 2008 when the Internet was powerfully entering our lives, almost as if it wanted to change the rules in the world of work. A so sudden change to be afraid of:

“I would like Mhodì’s members/partners could find the space and freedom to manage the work in an intelligent and creative way, otherwise there would be no difference from working in an assembly line.”

and now what will be the brand that could better represent us?

MArchio mhodì s.r.l.s

(First brand 2008)

This is our story the rest we are still writing.

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